Sunday, February 1, 2015

You Need God's Mercy

We all need God's mercy. However, it usually takes a crisis to make us realize our need for His mercy. It's during times of sickness and sorrow, shame and guilt, fear and anxiety, failure and hardship, that we are awakened to our need for God's mercy.

The good news is this, God's mercy is forever. The mercy of God is only a prayer away. God's mercy is for you. When you realize your need for God's mercy, simply ask Him to have mercy upon you. He will, because that's who He is. You are asking God to do what He wants to do for you. Mercy is an attribute of God's character. That's the reason His mercy is forever.

God shows His goodness to us through mercy. He is never hesitant to grant mercy. His mercy is effective when it makes a change in your life. To really experience God's mercy is to fill your heart with thanks for the goodness of God.

Your personal relationship with God begins with His marvelous mercy. The goodness of His mercy leads you to understand who He really is. Knowing God in a personal relationship is experiencing His mercy.

"For the LORD is good. His mercy is forever."

Psalm 100:5