Friday, August 17, 2018

The Hands of Love

The world will often try to knock you down and walk over you. Everyone is in a hurry to get ahead of you, and if that means knocking you down, it is done. The world will quickly pass by you, even if it means walking over you, because everybody is trying to get ahead. So, when you are hurt and left behind, there is help and healing. The hands of love will lift you up, after the world has knocked you down.

When you are hurt and helpless, the only hope is found in the hands of love. When the hands of love touch your life, there is healing from the hurts of the past. We can't completely explain it, much less understand it. We are in some ways like the baby who cries in the darkness of night. Alone and helpless, we find ourselves sometimes in this life. But, out of the darkness, the mother's hands of love lift the crying infant. The tears are wiped away by the hand of love. The infant cannot explain it, but love brings comfort, peace and security.

Look at the hands of love. You immediately notice that they are nail-scarred. You see the wounds. Then, you must know the story. One day the hands of love were spread wide and nailed to a cross. That's all about love, the greatest love you could ever know. That's how much God loves you. He gave His Son to die for you. The scars of love are there to prove it. "But God showed his great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners" (Romans 5:8, NLT).

When the hands of love touch your life, something wonderful happens. Fear is dismissed. Doubt must depart. Insecurity goes away. The hands of love touch you with peace, and even joy beyond understanding. Cry out to the hands of love to touch your life, embracing you with contentment. The hands of love are there for you today and everyday. The hands of love are the hands of Jesus our Lord.