Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Your Life Has Purpose

Your life is no accident. God wanted you here. Your life is not a product of random chance. You are designed by God. There is no one else just like you in the world. You are unique. Your life is the work of a great Creator.

"Acknowledge that the LORD is God! He made us and we are his. We are his people, the sheep of his pasture" (Psalm 100:3, NLT). 

God made you to acknowledge him as LORD of your life. That means you are one of his people. He wants to lead you and care for you like a shepherd does his sheep. That's when your life has purpose.

Don't try to be like someone else. Know that you are God's unique creation. Consider your God-given talents and abilities. Don't envy anyone. Use the abilities that you have. Develop them and focus upon them. Recognize that your life has purpose as God's creation.

Thank God for his wonderful work in your life. Thrive where he has placed you. Use your abilities for his glory. Trust him to use you to help others. Worship him as your Creator. Know him as the One who sustains your life. Give yourself to him to make a difference in his world. Your life has purpose in God's will.