Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Faith Understands

Faith understands that God rules over all. Faith understands that God leaves nothing to chance. Faith is sure that God is working all things according to His purpose. Faith knows for sure."By faith we understand"(Hebrews 11:3). Faith will trust God in any and every situation, because faith understands that God is Almighty over all.

Many things happen in this life that we simply do not understand when tragedy, heartache, and trouble comes our way. The imagination takes us into many false and foolish ideas. However, faith takes you to the solution of all circumstances and problems. Faith will always take you to God's Word. When doubts assail you and unbelief threatens you, faith finds a sure refuge in God's Word. 

Faith understands what the world cannot, because faith believes God's Word. Nothing is beyond God's knowledge and wisdom. Faith is willing to trust God's Word to know what unbelief can never discern, and what doubt can never receive. 

Unbelief cannot understand the things of God's word. Doubt can never be sure about God's word. The world says, "If I don't understand it, I will not believe it." Faith testifies, "I know God's word. He is working all things together for good to those who love Him."